BBVA Labs - Hyperscale

Who we are

We are multidisciplinary engineers grokking the next big thing™ (sometimes) and focusing our knowledge and expertise practices for the new (and old) IT systems and processes.

What we do

We focus on latest practices in Networking, Configuration, Scalability and Automation in Development and Infrastructure, to unlock necessities of BBVA Group and hopefully in the rest of the world.

Our projects

We like Open Source and we believe in the "Don't reinvent the wheel" motto.
We create projects that try to close the gaps not covered by any other Open Source projects nor commercial solutions yet.
Here you can check our projects. We invite you to use them, test them and ... collaborate. We welcome contributions!

Q.E.D. - Scalable, auditable and high-performance tamper-evident log

QED is an open-source software that allows you to establish trust relations with others. It can be used in multiple scenarios: secure tamper-evident data transfers, tamper-evident (system/application/business) logging, etc.
QED guarantees that the system itself, even when deployed into a non-trusted server, cannot be modified without being detected. It also provides verifiable cryptographic proofs in logarithmic relation (time and size) to the number of entries.
QED aims to be scalable, resilient and ops friendly:
  • Designed to manage billions of events per shard
  • Over 2000 operations per second per shard under sustained load
  • Consistent replication through RAFT
  • Operable and instrumented with dozens of metrics
  • Zero config files, fully documented single binary